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Working with a Female Financial Advisor

When Holly Stewart and Kristina Paz joined forces in 2017, they created an all-female financial advisor team in Northern Colorado. They realized that what they had was unique, and the relationships they have with their clients is special. So what is it that makes working with female advisors different?   

Female advisors get to know their clients on a deeper level, and this knowledge transcends directly into the financial planning they do. They get to know your hopes and dreams, your family, and your goals. By finding out what’s important to you, they can personalize the plan to fit your needs. Female advisors are there to help through life’s transitions, whether it be marriage or divorce, a new baby, adoption, a new job, sending the kids to college, or planning your paycheck in retirement.   

Female advisors know that knowledge is power. Holly and Kristina firmly believe that education is the best financial tool any of their clients can have. By having a better understanding of how financial issues, investments, and insurance work, their clients are empowered to make better financial decisions. Holly and Kristina make it a point to translate industry terminology for their clients and tell stories to help create a true connection. 

Female advisors also approach investing differently. The SummitView Advisors team takes pride in building and managing their own investment portfolios. Holly and Kristina frequently attend conferences to hear economic updates and to learn about new tools to help their clients reach their goals. They don’t trade based on knee-jerk reactions to the market, and that benefits their clients’ portfolios over the long-term. 

If you’d like to learn more about working with female advisors, feel free to request an appointment by calling our office at 970-663-7511 or email us.

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